My favourite pizza!

Hey guys! It’s Mia ♥︎ A few days ago… I really really really and really wanted to eat pizza for lunch… So! I went to my favourite pizzeria! Of course takeaway! I forgot the name but this is shrimp and garlic pizza. One of my favourite ❤️❤️ You know I’m vegetarian but I can eat

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My favourite lipstick

Hey guys! It’s Mia ♥︎ I’m too dry skin because of Australia’s weather 😩 you know Australia is one of the dryness countries… Especially my lips are so weird 😕 I use this lipstick It’s my favourite but if you know more amazing lipstick, please let me know!

Why do you write your blog?

Hey guys! It’s Mia ♥︎ My hobby is doing yoga, going on a diet (skill is getting weight lol) and writing a blog! My first blog in Japanese might be 12 years ago? Of course it is already deleted but I found that writing blog is so exciting! You know I am an international student

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Happy lazy weekend!

Hey guys! It’s Mia ♥︎ Are you guys enjoying this weekend? I’m really enjoying because I don’t have any assignments yaaaay! So you know I’ve been lazy 😘 YouTube → Text my mom (she is my best friend haha) →Lie on bed → Mobile phone time → YouTube… This weekend’s routines. Awesome. I was too

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