Cards problems in Japan #3

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Hey guys! It’s Mia 🙂

do you know you are difficult to use your debit/credit card in Japan?

I was born and raised in Japan. So before came to Australia, I used cash or coin as usual (I used a debits sometimes) but I’m feeling card problem in Japan now 😭

I think card is better for us.

1. Convenience to use

2. Not worried about stolen my cash/coin

3. I can check how much I use from account (I mean bank account because I use Australian debit card)

you know many Japanese love using cash! I don’t know the reason why but I think Japan is one of more safety countries in the world and elder people don’t like changing something and it is hard for them to accept new things which is credit/debit card.

So if you go to Japan, please prepare a lot of cash!