Long time no see!

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Hey guys! It’s Mia 🙂

Sorry for late to update my blog! After coming back to Brisbane, I was so busy to do assignments 😭 (honestly I’m busy to do assignments as usual  ahaha)

Today the earthquake was happened in Miyazaki, Japan. My hometown is near this prefecture so I emailed my mom because the biggest earthquake (Nan-Kai trough) might be happening in the future in Japan. Of course all Japanese know it so they might feel nervous 😥 However we don’t know when it will come. Nan-kai trough could happen near the Miyazaki’s coast so I felt scared when I heard the earthquake was happening in Miyazaki. My parents and my baby dog are fine but I think my baby dog felt too scared it 😭 I always wanna stay with him and protect him from dangerous and worse things 😭

hope the earthquake won’t come and please Japan is able to be peaceful country as always  🙏